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round pearl stud earringsStud earrings
All our stud earrings are made from round, flawless pearls with a warm, rich, deep-nacre glow drawn from the heart of the pearl.

Don't be fooled - not all pearl earrings are born equal video - round versus button pearl stud earrings

Large White Studs
Large White Earrings
8mm, 9mm & 10mm pearls from £95 details
White Stud Earrings
White Stud Earrings
6 & 7mm AAA pearls from £53 details
Huge Pearls
Huge White Pearls
Grade AAA 11mm pearls from £215 details

Black Stud Earrings
Black Stud Earrings
Grade AAA 7 & 8mm pearls from £87 details

Big Black Studs
Big Black Studs
Grade AAA 9 & 10mm pearls from £148 details

White Drop Earrings

baroque pearl earringsBaroque pearl earrings
Pearl culturing has become ever more sophisticated but sometimes the oyster just says 'blow this, I'm doing my own thing'. The result may be a large baroque pearl that the Romans and Elizabethans would have recognised. Details, prices and options

Many baroques have pits, cracks, holes, and miscolouration - flaws unacceptable by today's standards. They're cheap, but not very nice! We hand-pick the best of the annual harvest, so if you want a look prized by connoisseurs and celebrities, top-quality baroque pearl earrings are for you.

Drop earrings

Single Pearl Drops
Single Pearl Drops
Grade AAA 9mm pearls from £165 details

Black Drop Earrings
Black Drop Earrings
With Grade AAA 8mm pearls from £145 details

White Drop Earrings
double pearl earrings
With Grade AAA 8mm pearls from £145 details

Grade AAA Drops
Large Pearl Drop Earrings
With 10 & 11mm pearls from £195 details

Black 9mm Pearls
Black Pearl Drop Earrings
Grade AAA black pearls from £195 details

Teardrop pearls
teardrop pearl earringsTeardrop earrings share some of the properties of baroque earrings but have smoother surfaces and are more symmetrical. If you cut one in half, each half will mirror the other. Details, prices and options
In a pair, the earrings will be similar but not identical - expect small variations in width and length.
customer reviews

“My order just arrived. The earrings are beautiful and are a gift for a friend's 40th. I am sure she is going to be as delighted with these as I was with mine which I bought from you a few years ago.”  
Andrea Connelly, Norwich

five stars

confused about pearls ?
confused about pearls ?
Afraid you'll get it wrong ? The Beginner's Guide will steer you through the pearl buying maze.

broken stud earring?
pearl gift vouchers

Don't panic. Fix it with this simple home repair.

customer reviews

“I received my pearls in excellent time, and they are just perfect. Many thanks for such prompt service and it is nice to talk to a human for a change rather than 15 phone options.”  
Jane Weatherby, Inverness

five stars

pearl sizes
pearl sizes
6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 millimetre pearls compared to an 18 millimetre five pence piece. Back in the 1950's a 7mm round cultured pearl was considered large.

Video Transcript - Round vs Button Pearl Earrings
This is a bit of an easy one if you know a little about pearl shapes. The earrings look identical when shown like this on a screen but when they are taken out of their boxes and looked at from the side you can see the difference straight away. One pair is made using high quality round pearls. The other pair is made with button pearls – round on one side and flat on the other. This isn’t knocking button pearls. In terms of size and lustre and surface quality they can be just as good as round pearls and typically are very good value for money. The point is that because of their button shape they cost only a fraction of their round counterparts. If you’re buying stud earrings on the internet make sure you know what shape the pearls are so you don’t overpay. If you’re buying earrings as a gift you can be fairly sure the recipient knows that button pearls are the much cheaper option.

Just for the record, all the stud earrings on this Pearl Market website are made with round pearls.

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