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About The Pearl Market

In 2024 we celebrate our 22nd birthday. It seems only yesterday that The Pearl Market was born - inspired by a visit to the original pearl market in Beijing.

The Beijing market is not, as you might suppose, a quaint collection of bamboo stalls. Rather, it occupies the entire floor of a massive shopping complex. An army of pearl sellers peer from behind counters laden with pearls of every size, shape and colour. When the market is quiet, stallholders doze peacefully behind their displays. Don’t be fooled though. Tourists have more chance of stepping over a sleeping wolf than passing a stall without the owner snapping awake.

Aside from the name we have no connection with the Beijing pearl market. Our pearls are sourced from Asia Pacific and made into jewellery here at our headquarters in West Wales.

Our business philosophy is simple. To price competitively without compromising quality and offer great service. Many customers buy pearls as a gift. The last thing they want is to be embarrassed by poor pearls, cheap fittings, sloppy workmanship, cardboard jewellery boxes or late delivery.

We apply the same criteria to our own suppliers who must be equally committed to quality and customer service. When we find one who is, we stay with them for years.

Customer Satisfaction

Of course, every online jewellery retailer will rattle on about price, quality, customer service etc, so here's a statistic. The average returned order rate in the sector is 8 in 100 orders, sometimes as high as 20 in 100 orders. Ours (excluding exchanges) is 1 in 200 orders.

We don't solicit reviews, but customers often give us feedback unasked. You can find a selection of customer reviews here.

Helping Customers Understand Pearls

The last twenty years have seen many changes – in the way pearls are cultured and the way they are sold. It’s getting harder and harder for shoppers to make an informed choice. The Beginners' Guide has helped many people through the pearl buying maze.

We still get lots of 'phone calls and emails from people who have inherited a set of pearls and want to know if they're worth anything. We've devoted a whole page to explaining that they probably shouldn't get too excited.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you find something you like.

sandy hume - managing director
Sandy Hume
Managing Director

How A Pearl Necklace Is Made

Wouldn't it be cheaper to have our pearl jewellery made overseas - in the countries we buy our pearls from? Yes, it would - and this video explains why it's better for you that we don't!

Note: All product pages illustrate the jewellery case used for that product.

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