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Pearl Necklaces

These beautiful pearls are hand-picked from some of the world's most eminent producers - respected internationally for quality and innovation. Then inspected, graded, and made into necklaces in our West Wales workshops, using traditional skills and materials.

A best-seller for anniversaries and landmark birthdays

8mm white necklace

The world's favourite pearl necklace          

The world's favourite pearl necklace

A necklace for all ages - from teens to grandmothers

versatile necklace for every occasion

Delicate little pearls for youngsters & very slim ladies

small pearls for slim ladies and youngsters

Distinct keshi 'flower petal' necklaces      

keshi flower petal pearls

Stylish black pearls for everyone - not just popular with Goths

6mm  black pearl necklace

For ladies who wish to stand out from the crowd     

7mm black pearl necklace

The pirate's choice. Black pearls with a difference      

the pirates choice

Affordable necklaces for casual and formal wear      

affordable pearl necklaces

The best choice for formal occasions      

doiuble strand white necklace

Big, value-for-money, oval pearl necklaces     

oval pearl necklace

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