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Pearl Earrings

Long known as the Queen of Gems, pearls were once the exclusive property of the rich and powerful. It's said that the Roman General Vitellius paid for an entire military campaign by selling just one of his mother's pearl earrings. History doesn't record his mum's reaction!

Classic white pearl stud earrings

white stud earrings

Tears of the Gods

teardrop pearl earrings

Classic black pearl stud earrings

black stud earrings

Big beautiful baroques

baroque pearl earrings

Black pearl drop earrings

black pearl drop earrings

BIG eye-catching white pearls

white pearl drop earrings

White pearl drop earrings

white pearl drop earrings

Stunning BIG black pearls

black pearl drop earrings

Lumpy and Bumpy

small baroque pearl earrings

The baroque pearl twins

baroque pearl earrings

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