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baroque pearl earrings

Affordable 11-12mm baroque pearl earrings

Baroque pearls are measured across their width
On sterling silver or gold vermeil fittings
Every pearl is unique
Presented in lined earring boxes
Delivered by Royal Mail 4 working days from order
Covered by our price guarantee

11-12mm (approx) Baroque Pearl Earrings

Pearl culturing gets ever more sophisticated but sometimes the mollusc just says 'blow this, I'm doing my own thing'. The result can be a baroque pearl, familiar to the Romans and Elizabethans.

These 11-12mm baroques don't have quite the same quality as their Class 1 cousins and they don't cost the same either.

Baroque Earrings


Prices include Vat & free UK delivery
teardrop pearls are measured across the pearls diameterLike teardrop pearls, baroques are measured across their width - not along their length.

Note: Whilst we match the earring pair as closely as possible, being naturally formed baroques, they won't be identical.

Large, Class 1 baroques display a beautiful, shiny, silvery lustre. In natural daylight, baroques might exhibit the legendary 'pearl orient' - a kaleidoscope of colours that shimmer on the surface like the rainbow effect seen on a large soap bubble.

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