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Pearl Bracelets

In everyday use bracelets take more of a battering than necklaces so need to be strung securely and fitted with a clasp that's easy to open and close with one hand. Bracelets shouldn't be too tight or loose so most people are happy with the standard 7.5 inch length, but if you need something longer or shorter, we can make it.

Larger than average pearls

white pearl bracelet with large pearls

The world's favourite pearl size

white pearl bracelet

For every generation

white pearl bracelets for every generation

Keshi 'flower petal' bracelets

keshi pearl bracelet

Not just for Goths

black pearl bracelet

Stand out from the crowd

7mm size peaarls on this black pearl bracelet

The pirate's choice

black bracelet with big pearls

Big, value-for-money pearls

oval pearl bracelet

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