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Favoured By Celebrities

unique baroque pearl pendants
Pendant 1 - length 38mm
Pendant 1 - length 38mm
Pendant 2 - length 39mm
Pendant 2 - length 39mm
Certificate of Authenticity signed and stamped by an expert pearl graduate of the GIA®
Presented in a sustainable wood box
Delivered by Royal Mail 4 working days from order

Unique Class 1 Baroque Pendants

These huge pearls, famed for their 'just found on the seabed' look, are totally unique and sure to cause a stir. In natural daylight, baroques may exhibit the legendary 'pearl orient' - a kaleidoscope of colours that shimmer on the surface like the rainbow effect seen on a large soap bubble.

The pearl you choose is the one you receive. Like snowflakes, no two are the same. Pendants include a complimentary 18-inch sterling silver chain.

Baroque Pearl Pendants With Silver Bail & Chain


Prices include Vat & free UK delivery
teardrop pearls are measured across the pearls diameterCheap baroques have pits, cracks, holes, and miscolouration, but if you want a look prized by connoisseurs and celebrities, it's Class 1 baroque pearls for you.

The top-quality, Class 1 pearls are mounted on simple 'twisted pins', allowing their shape and play of light and colour to display unimpeded. Most pearls are 3cm to 4cm in length.

Cleopatra crushed a baroque pearl into a cup of wine

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