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confused about buying pearls

Confused About Pearls?

Afraid you'll get it wrong? It's not surprising. There's plenty of outdated facts, misinformation, and wicked fibs out there. The Beginner's Guide to Buying Pearls will help you through the maze. If you haven't time to browse, this 4 minute play video summarises the 6 criteria for buying a pearl necklace.

Choose your Pearls...

1950s wedding anniversary idea- a vacuum cleaner!Wedding Anniversary coming up?
You could go for the 1950s dream of a Hoover, or you could live less dangerously and think about a nice gift of pearls. Nowadays, you can get top-quality pearls without breaking the bank.

We can't tell you what to buy but we can tell you what many of our customers have chosen for the occasion - especially for 10th, 25th and 30th anniversaries.

Shop with Confidence
pearl jewellery made in our workshops To guarantee quality all jewellery is made in our West Wales workshops using traditional skills, materials and genuine cultured pearls.

Top grade pearls are backed by a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and stamped by a specialist UK pearl graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (London) - the world's foremost authority.

Making our jewellery - a 3 minute how we make our necklaces
It takes a bit longer and costs a little more, but we think the end result is worth it - and so do our customers.

presentation boxesIt's a shame to spoil a nice set of pearls with a cheap box so there's no skimping on presentation. Pearls are presented in polished, sustainable wood cases or lined jewellery boxes. None of your 'luxury cardboard' nonsense.

delivery by Royal MailFree, insured, UK delivery is within 4 working days from order. To ensure confidentiality, all orders are sent in plain packages with no indication of the contents or the sender on the outside of the package

For your protection our customer terms exceed EU directives and UK legislation. Purchases (except vouchers) may be returned up to 30 days from delivery.

aftercare service Our aftercare service will help keep your pearls in tip-top condition. If they need restringing or repairing, we're ready.

What makes you different?
Ask any online jewellery retailer that question and they'll rattle on about price, quality, customer service etc. Here's a statistic. The average returned order rate in the sector is 8 in 100 orders, sometimes as high as 20 in 100 orders. Ours (excluding exchanges) is 1 in 200 orders.

And, if you decide to buy from us we won't....
  • make you open an account so we can hoard your details
  • pester you to sign up for our newsletter
  • harass you for feedback about our products/service
  • stalk you around the web with unwanted adverts (spooky!)
  • email you 'special offers' twice a day
  • sell your address to third parties
...because we hate all that stuff too!

customer review

“...from the packaging to the jewellery cases and especially the pearls; everything spoke of quality.” Dr C K Reid, Cheshire

five stars

certified quality

pearls are inspected, graded, signed and stamped by a specialist pearl graduate of the GIA

Inspected, graded, signed and stamped by a specialist GIA pearl graduate.

£££ great deals from...

The International Pearl Show

customer reviews

“I never thought pearls could be so confusing but my wife now has the black pearls she wanted at a price I can afford! She was lost for words when she opened the wood case and saw what was inside.”  
Stephen Andrews, Merseyside

five stars

grandma's pearls

grandmas pearls

what are they worth?
The answer is often disappointing.

your pearl questions
questions about pearls try here for answers

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